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This product is a twisted pair extender with integrated HDBaseT technology, including transmitter T and receiver R, for one signal input and one signal output, which can be extended to 60 meters by a single CAT5e/CAT6 cable. Supports CEC function, RS232 two-way communication function and two-way infrared receiving and transmitting functions. In addition, Receiver R also supports two-way remote powering (PoC).


HDBaseT transmission standard

Support HDBaseT transmission standard, support PoC function, with long-distance transmission, high transmission rate and cable economy advantage over HDMI.

HD video transmission capability

Support full HD video/ultra HD signal: 1080p@60Hz@48b/pixels, 1080P 3D and 4Kx2K resolution.

Long-distance transmission capability

Thanks to the blessing of the HDBaseT transmission standard, the maximum distance of a single CAT5e/CAT6 HDMI 1080P signal is 60m, and the maximum distance of a 4Kx2K signal is 40m.

Powerful compatibility

Compatible with HDTV, compliant with HDCP and HDMI 1.4 standards.

Diverse and flexible control methods

Support RS232 control protocol, two-way infrared transmission and acceptance.


Reliable, long-distance transmission of HDMI video signals and bidirectional control signals over a single twisted pair cable. Taking full advantage of the advantages of twisted pair, while ensuring the best signal quality, provides our customers with an economical solution.


The DDC communication between EDID and HDCP between the signal source and the display device can be continuously maintained for reliable operation while ensuring direct compatibility between devices and optimal signal transmission.


The receiver supports bidirectional remote power supply. In the system, the receiver can be powered by a PoC-powered device, or the other device can be powered by the receiver. This allows the two devices to share an external power supply, which increases the flexibility of the system. Supporting the CEC function, when the connected HDMI source device and the terminal display device support the CEC function, the CEC signal allows the user to control all devices connected to the HDMI interface, and becomes a single remote control device that controls all HDMI connections. For example, if the user puts the disc into the Blu-ray player, the TV will automatically turn on due to the notification of the CEC signal, and then the video channel will automatically switch to the channel connected to the player. When the user turns off the TV, the CEC signal also informs the HDMI connected device to enter standby.


Transmission standard : HDBaseT; Frequency bandwidth : 10.2Gbps; Signal to noise ratio : >70dB@ 100MHz-100M;

Protocol processing : CEC、EDID; Resolution : 800x600@60Hz、1024x768@Hz... Consumption : 9.6W ;

Power : DC24V 1.25A Weight : 0.2Kg; Temperature : -10 ~ +40°C;

Operating HUM : 10% ~ 90%; Material : metal shell; Carton size : 110*77*30mm

Traditional matrix-transmitter

SDR-HDBT100P twisted pair extender 2019 / 04 / 12 939.69K

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