Input and output channel design

The strong electrical port adopts independent input and output channel design, so that the lighting power supply, air conditioning power supply, and power-saving outlet power supply can be input with single-phase or multi-phase different phase sequence, which makes the design more flexible and the power and electric load more balanced and more stable. The dimming circuit is equipped with temperature monitoring. When the channel is overloaded, the system will reduce the output or cut off the load; at the same time, each loop is equipped with a disconnecting relay, and there will be no residual current when servicing the lamps.

Centralized control of APP

The RCU can support IC smart card system access. By receiving information from the guest control center, the RCU can identify the identities of guests and staff members, and grant use rights according to different identities. Information on the operational records of fans, curtains, doors and windows will be uploaded to the HRMS through HRMS-RCU-MAIN-01 to facilitate hotel management and increase room occupancy; meanwhile, the HRMS has an open interface. Hotel management software data sharing to facilitate unified management.

Centralized design system

The device is designed for the MCU pure hardware architecture and has local data processing and channel control. The overall device power consumption is low and the task processing is timely. Single board implementation Data transfer and function control of the entire device, data instruction transmission and execution efficiency. The integrated controller designs the board system with high/low voltage insulation channels, which effectively realizes strong/weak isolation. Reasonable layout ensures easy operation during installation and maintenance, safe and reliable.

Lightning protection and emergency power supply

TRANSZARB Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS lightning protection) is added to the power transformer. When a sudden high voltage enters or exceeds 275V, it will conduct directly. This can be used to introduce high-voltage transients into the fuse to protect the RCU. The RCU is designed with emergency lighting power supply switching relays. After the normal power supply is cut off, the emergency lights will be lit to ensure fire safety.


Carton material : Black sand molding Agreement type : S-Net Radiat : 102 BTU/hr

Consumption : 220VAC/ 340mA Terminals : PA66 Weight : Motherboard 1008g; Carton 5050g

Temperature : 32°to 104°F Storage TEM : 0℃~40℃ Humidity : 10%~90% RH

Installation : In-box screw fixation Board size : 190*260(mm) Carton size : 350*500(mm)

Depth :


The RCU Controller (HRMS-RCU-IO-01) is an integrated controller device for budget hotel and general room control. The device integrates control of lighting, air conditioning, curtains, FCU, sockets, and room service. The device uses industrial-standard, high-quality thyristors and relays as control devices. Lights, sockets, and air conditioners can be connected in phases. Input switch operation, in accordance with the pre-set program, in a weak electronic control of power to switch, dimming control. The controller adopts the standard S-Net transmission protocol and can increase the function module expansion control channel. The RCU controller can be independently controlled locally, or it can be networked through the integration of HRMS-RCU-MAIN-01, and remotely manages room equipment via the hotel's pre-configured network and guest control system software (HRMS). Clients such as the front desk, guest rooms, floors, engineering department, and security department are connected to the server through the central switch. Through real-time information exchange and data processing, real-time status information of the rooms is fed back to each department in a timely manner to realize networked remote lighting. The control and display of air conditioning, service information, security information and other conditions have improved service quality and work efficiency, saved energy, reduced operating costs, and achieved scientific management and improved hotel economic efficiency. Intelligent, humanized, energy-saving, and networked remote monitoring. The device can collect the current status of lights, air conditioners, sockets, and room panels and upload them to the HRMS system through the RCU network board HRMS-RCU-MAIN-01. The guest control center communicates with each guest room through the network (HRMS). Realize the regulation of air conditioners to achieve vacant mode, waiting for rental mode, etc. The system connects all guest rooms and room management systems (HRMS) via an Ethernet communication topology, and forms a room network real-time communication control system with proprietary network communication protocols and network communication formats. The room management system (HRMS) is based on the API/OPC communication protocol to connect with the PMS system and the IBMS system. It uses the communication protocol determined by both parties to perform guestroom data exchange control and obtains the room status via HRMS-RCU-MAIN-01.

Parameter file - hotel module series

HRMS-RCU-IO-01(Simplified Chinese) 2018 / 06 / 15 1.47M

HRMS-RCU-IO-01(Traditional Chinese) 2018 / 07 / 19 2.74M



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