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The biggest pain point of Internet of Everything is that each IoT device has its own private protocol, which is a private core that is confidential and non-standard. There are more than 100,000 IoT devices developed by different companies around the world. Traditional methods require R & D-level personnel to write program code for the integration of different products. The integration cost of each product is the cost of labor, so we have been thinking ...... So how to easily connect IoT devices? schideron is doing an IoT system that subverts the cognition of the IoT world: people can very easily and easily connect and adapt various products on the Marswindow of schideron. It only takes 5 days of training, whether you understand the program Students who do not understand the program can let you use the graphical interface on Marswindow to dock and integrate any product, which greatly reduces the difficulty of docking various products and makes things simple and easy!

MarsWindow_Pro V2.6.2

Marswindow is a convenient and fast intelligent building project management software for users to create and configure projects, control equipment management, fault detection, troubleshooting, module identification and programmable function customization, as well as the configuration of the APP interface. The controlled equipment communicates with the service terminal, making various types of project management convenient and efficient.Extraction code:1o6r


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