As an expert in smart home control systems, Shi Delang not only provides a variety of professional solutions and control systems for residential, commercial buildings, hotels and industrial buildings, but also strives to build smart buildings and smart communities, providing design, construction and maintenance for owners. , Operations, and a full range of professional services.


OCT and Bulgari, an Italian jewellery family and colored gemstone experts, jointly launched the Shanghai Bulgari Apartment, the fourth in China and the first Bulgari apartment in China. Just look at the global image layout of Bulgari Apartments and Hotels. It is not difficult to find that the choice of co-brands is extremely demanding. Previously in Bali or London, apartments or hotels are all modern design and outstanding craftsmanship. perfect combination. The 243 apartments in the project are expected to open at a price of more than 150,000 square feet. Bulgari in Suhe Bay uses Sterland's custom panels and public area lighting control systems.



The SMART-CORE-2D is a DIN-rail mounted intelligent central control system developed by SCHIDERON that can be applied to any modern smart home and business intelligence control central control system. The entire system can be customized and integrated with different brands, different types, and different models of products to make the operation more user-friendly, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient! SMART-CORE-1D is used in smart meeting rooms...



Regency Hotel

The project is located in Jiangbeizui Central Business District and is located in the high-end five-star business hotel. The hotel occupies 2000 square meters, with about 200 rooms, the 21 floor of the total floor, and the building volume of about 40,000 square meters. Chongqing Regency Hotel adopts the unique concept of courtyard building in Chinese architecture to create a sense of space. This project uses SCHIDERON's modular RCU as well as custom panels, hotel room management software, and public area lighting control systems.


Simple modules

SDR-MRCU13-COM is a control device with relay output and dry contact input, 120240VAC power input, 13 independent input/output isolation channels, which can manually switch the circuit without other bus equipment and software, 2 of which Channel standard resistive load current is 30A, supports controlled outlets and air conditioning power supply.




Fenglong City Center is located in the north of Zhongyuan Road and west of Si'an Street in Suzhou Singapore Industrial Park. It has a land area of 45454.67 square meters and a construction area of about 300,000 square meters. It will be planned to be a city complex project integrating various industries. The project adopted Shide Long's overall smart home solution, integrated visual intercom, lighting control, electric curtain control system, users can easily control the home lighting curtains and other equipment through the mobile phone.

Puerman Hotel

Pullman is an upscale hotel brand owned by Accor, designed to meet the needs of business travellers. The hotel is located in the heart of major regions and international cities. The Pullman Hotel aims to provide high-end business travellers with a full range of excellent services, cutting-edge technology, and the Pullman Innovation Conference, a new way of organizing business meetings and rewards programs. At the Pullman Hotel, business travellers can choose to live independently and freely, or they can rest assured that the staff of the hotel are attentive around the clock.

Lighting Module

The 4-way 3A Silicon controllable dimming module(SDR-DIM-C04 / 3) is used for front tangent electron low-voltage lamps(ELV), incandescent lamps(INC), neon lights / cold cathode transistors(Neon / CC), Electromagnetic low-voltage lamps(MLV) and other lighting lamps perform forward phase dimming control. The maximum allowable load current for a single channel is 3A, and the maximum allowable load current for all circuits of the device is 5A. The circuit independent control, pre-editing scene control and scene timing control can be performed by the intelligent lighting management system(LMS) visualization. The module data can be uploaded to the intelligent lighting management system(LMS) for module state management and data statistical analysis. The entire data transmission and equipment control is in line with the latest industrial industry standards.



Any Hotel Zhengding

An Yue Hotel is designed as a low-density garden-style resort hotel, consisting of two 14-story towers and 17 garden resorts, including about 300 rooms in hotels and guesthouses, including a large conference center and several small and medium-sized conference rooms. The project uses the schideron smart panel-eternal series temperature control knob panel and key panel.

Eternal temperature

control knob panel

One of the standard specifications for solutions for energy conservation and control of control and air conditioning, geothermal and PM2.5 systems; and can be configured with different operating modes for users according to different types of air conditioners. control. It adopts a one-piece custom design, which is more concise and noble in appearance. The knob can be engraved and transparent, and a marquee design is used to display the real-time control status. And it has a configurable smart knob, which can be easily installed in a special back box.



Qing'ao Hotel

The International Youth Conference Hotel has a total of 717 well-equipped room types, ranging from comfortable standard rooms to luxurious presidential suites. The designer draws inspiration from Yuhuashi, a local specialty in Nanjing, and decorates each room with colorful and dazzling light. In the ever-changing environment, feel the natural beauty of National Youth and Nanjing.

Grace Town Hotel

Luneng Real Estate, a leading real estate company in China, has rare native landforms in Beijing. With an ultra-low density of 0.3, it has invested heavily to build a model of natural villas in China, the small town of Grasse. The east bank of the central villa, along the Wenyu River to the southeast, inherits the respected veins of the central villa district, and also watches each other with the embassy district and the capital airport, and is closer to the core CBD of the city.

Control module


4-way 10A relay switch module (SDR-RL-C04 / 10) is a 4-channel relay control device for 120VAC ~ 240VAC for incandescent, fluorescent, neon / cold cathode tube, etc., 4 independent input / output isolation Channels and 4 emergency switch buttons allow manual switching of circuits without bus equipment and software. Each channel allows a resistive load current of 10A, or an inductive load current of 5A, and supports electric curtain control and fan control. The intelligent lighting management system (LMS) can be used for independent loop control, pre-edited scene control and scene timing control. Device data can upload module local data to the intelligent lighting management system (LMS) for device status management and data statistical analysis. Transmission and equipment control comply with the latest industrial industry standards.


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