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SMART-CORE-4D is a DIN rail-mounted industrial-grade intelligent central control system developed by SCHIDERON. It can be applied to any central control system of modern smart home and business intelligence control. The whole system can combine different brands and different types Models and different models of products are customized and integrated management control to make the operation more humane, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient! SMART- CORE-4D is used in smart meeting rooms, business smart lighting systems, smart home systems, guest room management systems, etc.


Operating system

SMART-CORE-4D operating system is Linux system, this operation Operating system makes work processing speed faster and more stable; working life without electricity Up to 10 years.

Centralized control of APP

SCHIDERON UControl is an IP-based control system System, this system has played a huge new possibility, through LAN, The integrated domain network system and the Internet carry out control and monitoring. And this APP supports more control methods, your world is under your control! You can Anytime, anywhere via iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ device to control any thing in the home or workplace oo. Let you safely monitor and control the entire residence or business.

Data management

Upload smart lighting system, smart home system and room management system All data of the system access module (including loop status, energy consumption information Etc.) to the intelligent centralized control management system. This can take advantage of powerful background processing Ability to process resource data and improve processing efficiency. Especially application Use it as data in corporate management, school classrooms, conference studios, etc. The sink node of the transmission.

Watchdog function

The device has a hardware and software watchdog function, the watchdog command is in the program The interrupt has the highest priority. Check the internal conditions of the chip regularly, Once an error occurs, it will send an automatic reset signal to the chip to avoid the program Enter an endless loop.

Ir learning control

The device has an IR learning port, when connected to the IR receiver, read Use the IR command code sent by the electrical appliance, and then decode the command The code is stored as a system action scene code, which is used for calling specific scenes. through Combine the IR instruction codes of a variety of black and white home appliances through PC control software, Set to a specific scene. Configure the scene to iPad/iPhone/touch screen After waiting, send the corresponding infrared code to the relevant household appliances through the IR sending port, Complete scene control. Multiple infrared codes can be sent centrally or set Set to delay tracking execution to make scene changes more comfortable.

Programmable customization

To increase scalability, SMART-CORE-4D can provide high Fast, multi-tasking system. Programmable customized architecture allows programmers to be independent Develop and run lighting, HVAC, security, audio and video equipment specific program. System upgrade through remote network operation, which greatly improves Improved customized efficiency.

DIN rail mounting

The flexible installation and application of

Overcurrent protection

The device is equipped with overcurrent protection, and the proprietary current protection module makes the device in When the current exceeds the set current, the device protects the device by taking automatic power-off The device will not be burnt out, thereby extending the service life of the device.

S-Net bus modular design

The device is designed for ARM pure hardware architecture and has local data Processing and channel control, the overall power consumption of the module is low, task processing and Time. The module communicates via the dedicated bus S-Net to ensure data transmission Stability and reliability of transmission.


Agreement type : S-Net FLASH : Capacity 4G System : Linux

CPU : 4 core 2G Ethernet port : 10/100Mbps, the maximum number of bytes of the data packet is 492Bytes SD : Micro Sd card slot, which can expand the data storage capacity of the smart gateway;

Terminals : PA66, fire rating UL94-V0 level 5VA (2.0mm), high temperature resistance Temperature : 0℃~72℃(32℉~161.6℉) RAM : 1G

Installation : DIN rail installation Size : 180*83.5*63.7(mm)

Parameter file-Edge control series

SMART-CORE-4D parameters (Traditional) 2020 / 08 / 06 1.48M

SMART-CORE-4D parameters (simplified) 2020 / 08 / 06 1.37M

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