Operating system

The operating system is a Linux system, this operating system allows the work speed Faster and more stable; continuous working life of up to 10 years.

Centralized control of APP

SCHIDERON UControl is an IP-based control system that offers tremendous new possibilities for control and monitoring via LAN, WAN integrated systems and the Internet. And this app supports more control methods, you control your world! You can control anything in your home or workplace with iPhone®, iPad® and AndroidTM devices anytime, anywhere. Allows you to safely monitor and control your entire home or business.

Data management

Upload all data (including loop status, energy consumption information, etc.) of the intelligent lighting system, smart home system and room management system access module to the intelligent centralized management system. This can process resource data with powerful background processing capabilities to improve processing efficiency. Especially applied to enterprise management, school classrooms, conference studios and other occasions as a convergence node for data transmission.

Watchdog function

The device has a hardware and software watchdog function, and the watchdog command has the highest priority in the program's interrupt. Regularly check the internal conditions of the chip, and send an automatic reset signal to the chip in case of an error, to prevent the program from entering an infinite loop.

Programmable customization

Provide high speed, multitasking systems. The programmable custom architecture allows programmers to independently develop and run device-specific programs such as lighting, HVAC, security, audio and video. System upgrades through remote network operations greatly increase customization efficiency.

Communication transmission

S-Net communication method and TCP/IP communication mode conversion device. As an intermediary device for intelligent centralized management system and other adjustment control devices. The device can be set and configured by the PC control software.

DIN rail mounting

Flexible installation and application of “modular” equipment In the actual environment, the system supports standard 35mm DIN rail mounting. The DIN rail mounting provides a modular solution that is very space-saving, cost-effective and equipped with an automated and complete system.

S-Net Bus communication

The device is designed for ARM pure hardware architecture, with local data processing and channel control. The overall power consumption of the module is low and the task processing is timely. The module communicates via the dedicated bus S-Net to ensure the stability and reliability of data transmission.


Agreement type : S-Net System : Linux CPU : 4-core A9

Consumption : 24VDC Ethernet port : 10/100Mbps SD : TF, support extension

Terminals : PA66 Temperature : -40~85℃ Operating HUM : 20%~90% RH

Storage TEM : -40~85℃ Material : 1mm aluminum alloy... Humidity : 15%~95% RH

RAM : 512MB DDR3 ROM : 4GB Installation : Screw / DIN rail

Size : 124*113*27mm


The iPRO3 central control unit is a central control system for modern smart home and business intelligence control, DIN rail mounting. The whole system can customize the integrated management and control of products with different brands and different types of RS485 control, making the operation more human, environmentally friendly and more efficient. The iPRO3 central control host is used in smart conference rooms, commercial intelligent lighting systems, smart home systems and guest room management systems, so that all modules of the entire system can access Internet communication, and unified management in the cloud based on the Internet. The system is controlled by remote connection of the UControl mobile APP of the mobile terminal (device supporting Android and IOS operating system). The iPRO3 central control host can also be programmable and customized through S-Net to upload business intelligence lighting system, smart home system and room management system data to the corresponding intelligent centralized management system for device state management and data statistics analysis. The entire data transmission and device control are in line with the latest industry industry standards. The system's scene management and scene timing settings can be remotely operated through the UControl mobile app, which is simple and convenient, and meets the requirements of the current IoT system.

Parameter file - control module series

iPRO3 Industrial Grade Central Control Host - Simplified 2019 / 04 / 16 880.29K

iPRO3 Industrial Grade Central Control Host - Traditional 2019 / 04 / 16 939.07K



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