Isolated input/output channels

The 16 relays are independent input / output channels, forming a one-to-one loop, all with independent transient surge protection circuits, and the standard resistive load current of each relay is 10A. The 1-11 loop is used for lighting, curtain control, etc., and the 12-16 loop is used for fan coil control. It can also indirectly support controlled sockets and air conditioning power control by controlling external AC contactors. The control of each loop can be configured through software. 15-16 circuit with 1NO and 1NC.

Relay cutoff and output limit

Each circuit of the dimming circuit has its own relay cut off to ensure that there is no thyristor leakage after the circuit is closed, which causes the lamp to flicker, and the range of the lowest starting voltage and the highest output voltage can be set through the software.

Multifunction IO channel

The device supports third-party switch panel access and debugging as a bus program, 22 dry contact inputs, 22 LED outputs, and an output voltage of 5 ~ 20VDC. The universal third-party button input port can be used in a variety of scene applications, and plays a role in custom style places such as homes, offices, and hotel rooms that require a large number of buttons and indicators. It also supports various third-party all-in-one hotel doorplates, doorbells, door and window magnets, etc. Simple debugging can complete cleaning / do not disturb / energy saving and other functions.


Voltage : 24VDC Newsletter : S-Net Working current : 360mA

Weight : 455g Temperature : 0℃~40°C Storage TEM : -10℃~50℃

Material : ABS Size : 270*87*63(mm)


The guest room control hybrid module (SDR-MRCU1602-FC, SDR-MRCU1602-PRO-FC) is a function with relay output, thyristor dimming output, dry contact input, LED output and other functions that work under 24VDC safe voltage Controller. Among them, 16-channel relay isolated independent input / output, each circuit 10A output, 1-11 circuit is used for light control, curtain control, etc., 12-16 circuit is used for fan coil control; 2 SCR dimming output Maximum 3A per circuit; 22 dry contact inputs; 22 5-20VDC outputs for panel backlight control; 1 S-Net communication port; 1 standard RJ45 port, supporting S-Net or Transnet protocol. One RS485 communication port is only supported by PRO version. The device can perform independent loop control, pre-edit scene control and scene timing control through MarsWindow. Device data can be uploaded to the HRMS management system for device status management and data statistical analysis. The entire data transmission and equipment control comply with the latest industrial standards.

Parameter file - control module series

SDR-MRCU1602-(PRO-)FC(Simplified Chinese) 2020 / 04 / 30 1.74M

SDR-MRCU1602-(PRO-)FC(Traditional) 2020 / 04 / 30 1.83M



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