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MARS key panel is a standard intelligent key panel solution that is cost-effective by SCHIDERON Case, with a highly configurable intelligent key, very convenient installation in a standard 80 - bottom box, safe voltage wise The keypad device is very easy to install on the wall as part of a complete intelligent control system, MARSKP2- AL is one of MARS products, which meets the requirements of customized keystroke. It's provided by SCHIDERON Fully customizable control solutions. MARS panels are popular with designers and are widely used in various hotels and smart home projects.


Energy saving mode

The device works under the security of 5-24vdc dc dc power supply, and the power consumption current is lower than 50mA. The key panel enters the standby energy saving mode. Such design meets the requirement of low carbon environmental protection

Built-in LED feedback indicator light

The brightness of the feedback LED indicator is adjustable

Programmable button panel

The programming software platform is free to define the function of each key

Multiple color, key function combination

The colors are volcanic grey, sandblasted silver and champagne gold. Key functions include Toggle, Button, Switch, etc

The installation method is simple and universa

Single joint panel is installed in 80 bottom boxes specially for standard purpose, which makes the installation between panels more orderly. The bottom box size: 76*68*51 (long * wide * high unit: mm)

Panel features

· fault self-reset function · support independent loop control · the working voltage is DC 24V · support scenario pattern control · support green energy saving mode · a number of different styles of panel boxes can be selected · control object writing at will · buttons can be edited · single panel is installed with standard 80 bottom box · distributed system · s-net communication


Border color : Grey/Silver/Gold Border materials : Aluminum/glass Color of core : Black/gray/brown

keypad : Plastic material Consumption : 5~24VDC Voltage : +24V

TER explain : 4PIN, 5.08mm Core format : KP2 panel Newsletter : Protocol S-NET

Working current : 10mA-50mA Temperature : -10°to 50°C Installation : 80 bottom box

Size : 86*86*26 (mm)

Parameter File - Panel - Mars Series

MARS-KP2-AL(Simplified Chinese) 2018 / 06 / 15 3.75M

MARS-KP2-AL(Traditional Chinese) 2018 / 07 / 19 3.59M

Installation instructions - panel

Mars panel 80 pre-embedded box opening instructions 2019 / 05 / 28 177.44K

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