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SDR-REL4-SNET-10 is an S-Net bus type strong electric intelligent switch panel developed by SCHIDERON, which can be applied to lighting, curtains and scene control in the field of modern smart home. It adopts an integrated custom design, the appearance is simple and noble, and it has a sense of technology. The buttons can be engraved and light-transparent to display real-time control status. The panel has configurable smart buttons that can be configured by dedicated programming debug software. The panel has independent working ability, and it is equipped with the central control host system provided by SCHIDERON. It can also support the UControl APP remote control panel through mobile terminals (devices supporting Android and IOS operating systems). The panel can be easily installed in the 86-type bottom box. The built-in 4 channel relays allow a maximum current of 10A for the resistive load and 5A for the inductive load.


Online upgrade

The panel supports online firmware upgrade, which eliminates the need for cumbersome device operation and allows quick and easy firmware upgrades via the system bus.

Diversified control methods

The panel supports direct loop control, and can also support configuration of custom scenes, through personalized scene control to meet a variety of situations. The custom scene data configuration uses the SCHIDERON special programming debugging software MarsWindow.


The panel integrates independent relays of each channel, directly supports the local button control loop, and accesses the central control intelligent system through the UControl APP remote control panel loop channel of the mobile terminal (device supporting Android and IOS operating system).

Status Indicator

The button backlight indicates the loop state, the light transmission supports the font light transmission effect, and the light transmission brightness can be adjusted.

Simple and universal installation

The panel is mounted in a standard 86-bottom box wall to make the panels more tidy.

Saving mode

The panel has a standby energy-saving mode, and the button backlight indicator actively saves energy by distance sensing. This design meets the requirements of low-carbon environmental protection.


Agreement type : S-Net Border color : Silver / gold Border materials : Aluminum alloy

keypad : Plastic material Consumption : Standby <1W Power : 24VDC

Temperature : -20~85℃ Operating HUM : 5%~95% RH Storage TEM : -40~125℃

Humidity : 5%~95% RH Installation : Standard 86 bottom box Size : 86*86*39.5mm

Parameter file - smart power panel

SDR-REL4-SNET-10-Simplified 2019 / 07 / 11 917.48K

SDR-REL4-SNET-10-Traditional 2019 / 07 / 11 937.90K

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