Video intercom

· Wall machine calls into the speaker, unit door machine calls into the speaker, small door machine calls into the speaker, management center calls in / two-way talk, household communication two-way voice talk, video talk, remote unlock

Home Security

· Emergency help function · One-touch arming and disarming away from home · Alarm information sent to the management center · Holding code alarm · Custom private unlock password, security password and hijack password

Alarm Type

· Emergency button · Smoke alarm · Gas leak alarm · Magnetometer · Window magnet · Infrared double detector · Glass break · Tamper alarm

Smart Home

· Scene Control

Other function

· Community information, private information push · Dual language (Chinese / English)


Resolution : 1024*600 System : WinCE NET protocol : TCP/IP

Bus : S-Net CPU : X1S Installation : Embedded

Size : 248*181*23(mm)


DDP-703NC-XP is a wall mounted color hands-free video intercom with multiple functions. A 7-inch LCD display has a resolution of 1024 x 600. With gold-plated G+G glass capacitor touch, video encoding and decoding adopts h. 264, which can support hd two-way video intercom. The chip adopts SCHIDERON's X1S series CPU chip and WINCE 5.0 embedded system architecture. It has the advantages of fast operation, high stability and low overall power consumption, and supports the online upgrade of intercom software. Comprehensive security function -- the system comes with 16 independent defense areas, which can be connected with intrusion, gas, smoke and other sensor devices. When a resident is not at home, he/she will automatically save his/her visitor photos for the tenant to view at any time. An s-net interface seamlessly connects with the SCHIDERON smart home host and module, and the warm home scene only needs one key to activate.

Parameter file - building intercom

DDP-703NC-XP(Simplified Chinese) 2018 / 06 / 15 3.69M

DDT-703NC-XP(Traditional Chinese) 2018 / 07 / 19 3.61M

Installation instructions - visual intercom

DDP-703NC-Simplified 2018 / 08 / 28 1006.06K

DDP-703NC-Traditional 2018 / 08 / 28 590.66K


About the structure

6 layer PCB circuit board structure designed to increase EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)/surge protection function. So that the product in the high speed signal transmission process, so that the signal can be as small as possible to the terminal, product More stable quality, in line with European, American and continental standards.

About safety

PCBA adopts industrial-grade high-performance components, most of which inhibit EMI (electromagnetic interference).Tantalum capacitors, no liquid inside, high temperature resistance, no leakage risk.



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