Weak operating voltage

With 24V DC as its working voltage, the power consumption is less than 150mA, making your life more comfortable.

Distance sensing

When the touch screen is in a black screen state, when the human body or moving object approaches the touch screen, the screen automatically lights up immediately and can perform control operations.

Interface is editable

Customized according to different needs and decorative styles of customers: control functions, icons and interface styles; perfectly match the overall decorative effect.

Control content is arbitrarily written

Independent control, multi-combination control and scene mode control, you can edit the control function of each icon arbitrarily according to your needs, reflecting the convenience of intelligence.

Distributed Systems

Distributed system design, each touch screen has a separate computing chip (CPU). Have local data processing capabilities and computing power.

Sensors and Energy Savings

An embedded distance sensor enables the touch screen to enter the power saving protection program. When the human body distance is less than 150mm, the screen is automatically activated to a semi-bright state. Electricity is smart. The TPC-501 comes with a temperature sensor that detects ambient temperature and uploads data to S-Net.


Touch screen : Projected capacitive Viewing angle : ±69°;+62°/-64° Illumination : Edgelit LED

Brightness : 300nits(cd/m²) Display type : TFT-LCD Color depth : 24-bit, 16.7M color

Contrast : 450:1 Resolution : 800 × 480 pixels Consumption : 150mA

Voltage : 24V Dc±5% Temperature : -10℃-45℃ Storage TEM : -10℃-45℃

Material : PC Humidity : -10%-80% RH Frequency : 833MHz~1GHz

RAM : 128*2MB Size : 141*87*8.7(mm)


Compact wall-mounted touch screen provided by SCHIDERON, flat design for home and wine Shops, conference rooms, classrooms, courts, etc.; can integrate smart home systems such as lighting, curtains, air conditioners, etc. A touch screen reduces the wasted space and messy wall switches brought by traditional control panels. The SCHIDERON TPC-501 can edit the control interface and control content as required. concise, Convenient controls and icons, instant feedback signals and real-time status display make modern high-end life simple without Missing wonderful. The realization of independent control, multi-combination control and scene mode and other different control methods are concentrated in one touch Touch the screen. According to the decoration needs, choose the appearance color, production process and so on.

Touch screen series

SDR-TPC501(Simplified Chinese) 2018 / 06 / 15 1.37M

SDR-TPC501(Traditional Chinese) 2018 / 07 / 19 2.39M



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