Isolated input/output channels

The 12 channels correspond to the 5-wire load cables of the three-phase port ABC. Each load on the load cable has a corresponding LOADING LIVE, neutral, and ground. One main control board controls 12 channels to ensure that control signals can be properly distributed and transmitted to the corresponding control loop.

Centralized control

The device can be visually and centrally managed through SCHIDERON Intelligent Lighting Management System (LMS). The data of each channel in the device can be uploaded into the intelligent lighting management system for device data management and status analysis. Scene management is to preset the time to the device through the LMS, and then turn on the corresponding scene mode to reach all or part of the device loop.

S-Net bus modular design

The device is designed for the MCU pure hardware architecture and has local data processing and channel control. The overall device power consumption is low and the task processing is timely. The device communicates via the bus to ensure the stability and reliability of data transmission. Each device has a corresponding physical address. The device's address setting can be set through the DIP dialer to ensure that each device can operate correctly and accurately receive and execute commands transmitted from the bus.

Zero crossing detection

The device has 3 control boards, each of which acquires a phase zero-crossing detection; the device has a total of 3 sets of single-phase zero-crossing detection circuits. The proprietary zero-crossing filter technology makes each opening/closing action of the device relay in The zero-crossing point of the frequency will extend the service life of the device, reduce the flickering of the lighting fixture, compensate the voltage and frequency fluctuations of the circuit, and in order to ensure the safety of operation, the dimmer has a separate isolator and ground. The voltage from each port to neutral must not exceed 250V.