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Smart knobs, beautiful !



Have a confidence

Called "continuously being imitated, never surpassed!"

Schrader Smart Knob Panel

Light and extravagant, rotate your smart life.

Technology creates endless possibilities, art shows endless charm

Integrated custom design

Sleek and compact, simple and generous

Exquisite appearance, rich features

A variety of custom materials, whatever you want

Adhering to the spirit of ingenuity

More perfect combination of aesthetics and technology, beautiful and practical


Schideron adheres to the strict attitude of being responsible for the products, from the exquisite appearance to the advanced functional technology, which perfectly interprets the fusion of aesthetics and technology.

                                                                         (volcanic gray)


                                                                       (sandblasted silver)


                                                                         (champagne gold)

Schideronr Smart Knob Panel Technical Description

Air conditioning, geothermal and PM2.5 system energy saving regulation

And can be configured according to different types of air conditioners

Operating mode for users, air conditioning, geothermal, PM2.5 system

Can be freely combined with control

Key engraving light and use marquee design to display real-time control status


Parameter Description:

Frame material: aluminum alloy material;

Border color: volcanic gray, sandblasted silver, champagne gold;

Button material: aluminum alloy material;

Terminal: PA66, fire rating UL94-V0 5VA (2.0mm), high temperature resistance;

Button: 1 stepless knob thermostat, OLED display (color);

Dimensions: length × width × height (86mm × 86mm × 44.8mm);

Power consumption: 5~24VDC;

Working voltage: 24V

Operating current: minimum 10mA maximum 50mA

Working temperature: 0°to 45°C

Storage temperature: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C;

Storage humidity: frost-free environment 10%~90% RH;

Installation method: custom special pre-embedded box;

S-Net bus protocol;

4 PIN terminal: 2.54-4Pin separable terminal, S-Net communication port;

8 PIN terminal: 2.54-8Pin separable terminal, external 8 dry contact input (common yang);

12PIN terminal: 2.54-12Pin separable terminal, external 12 dry contact output (common yang);

S-Net communication network

The SCHIDERON intelligent control system uses a private network as the communication protocol for its communication network. According to the definition of S-Net, each segment of the communication network can support 32 nodes. When the number of segment communication network devices exceeds 32, the bridge needs to be added. When the number of devices does not exceed 32, and the total communication distance exceeds 400 meters, it needs to be increased. The bridge is used to extend the communication distance.

The SCHIDERON Control System Communication Network (S-Net) uses Rvvp4x0.75 as the communication cable.

Knob interface function description:

Color aperture + temperature value display

The Schideron intelligent temperature control knob panel will be assigned to the user according to different types of air conditioners. The user only needs to rotate the knob in the left and right directions to adjust, so that the home environment control equipment can be easily grasped.

At present, the function definition of the intelligent knob is not limited to the environmental control aspect. In other aspects of smart home (such as lighting control, curtain control...), the knob panel will exert its own great charm and potential for customers. Provide a more comfortable and more humane smart living experience.

Schideron intelligent knob panel appearance patent certificate

Schideron attaches great importance to the development of independent intellectual property rights and the protection of independent intellectual property rights. Winning 2 appearance patent certificates marks the continuous improvement of our company's design strength and the increasing technical competitiveness of our products.

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