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Good news: SCHIDERON Electric has become the partner of Tencent cloud Weiling intelligent building industry






1. The relationship between Schideron and Tencent: ecological win win

Mr. Wan Chao, vice president of Tencent cloud, introduced at the summit of the 5th China intelligent building festival in 2020 that ecological win-win is a future of intelligent building. Hope to cooperate with partners and system dealers, share the engineering experience and development ability of both sides, and do the corresponding customized development or system development together. The product form of the system is very rich, and its positioning is to build a platform with partners to form a better business model and ecological win-win system. In the architecture system, in addition to the mode of cooperation with partners, it will also provide more API interfaces, open more cooperation space, and gather more capabilities, including security, user management, AI algorithm, and various big data capabilities. In conclusion, ecological win-win is a cooperation model that can be achieved.

Schideron becomes an ecological partner of Tencent cloud construction industry


2. Tencent cloud

In 2018, Tencent established the cloud and smart industry division. At present, Tencent cloud's infrastructure covers 26 regions on five continents, operates 53 zones, has more than 1.1 million servers deployed around the world, has EB level data storage scale, and has deployed more than 1300 acceleration nodes around the world, with a bandwidth reserve of 100t. With the continuous development of Tencent cloud, The scale will continue to expand.


3. Micro platform

Weiling is a platform developed by Tencent for smart building. After five or six years of deep cultivation, it has developed into an Internet of things operating system that deeply adapts to the social building scene.

What kind of system is Weiling? From the perspective of buildings, smart buildings are more in scale effect than data, so Tencent builds a comprehensive software management system in the buildings, which plays the role of computer windows, allowing all kinds of hardware to build more application systems. This is what Weiling hopes to build in architecture.

Compared with the system relationship in the past buildings, no matter token ring network type or master-slave structure type, there will be various Ba systems. BMS on Ba, through protocol docking, may also have IBMS. In this case, both the data transmission and the overall structure are more complex. Weiling hopes to build a simpler form of connection, through which it can directly connect with the hardware of all indoor buildings, such as chillers, water pumps, fan coil units, etc. after connecting, it can support more applications. This is a simple architecture comparison.

Schideron is responsible for the docking of different protocols, interface types of equipment and system platforms in the smart building project, and completing the data exchange between the southward information collection and the micro platform.


4. About linkbase

Through years of industry accumulation and based on the precipitation of linkbase in the project, a set of data standards serving the Internet of things has been formed, which makes the docking of equipment and applications as simple and convenient as plug-in wiring board. For example, in the past, it took 10 days for a project to access the system or change the requirements, but now it can be completed in 2 days through the micro hilltop system. Compared with the upper application, it will become more and more convenient, and will further accelerate the construction of cooperation ability. This benefits from the technical support of the advanced XEndue system framework.

So what does linkbase do? It is the concept of a command center in monitoring. All kinds of data reports, including alarms, will be comprehensively reflected on it. There will also be linkage between various systems, which is a software and application related to energy efficiency. The refrigeration unit is a kind of comprehensive management of green energy in the building, which gathers all the hardware system data together. Therefore, the energy efficiency management adopts AI algorithm. Through three months and half a year, it monitors the normal operation of the building, gradually forms corresponding strategies, and continuously decentralizes to the local for localized data processing. From the energy efficiency index, it can achieve more than 30% of the energy saving goal.

In the future, we will continue to work hard to integrate science and technology into life. With the continuous progress and development of technology, we look forward to bringing you more surprises in the future!

Schideron focuses on the research and development of intelligent control system. Its products cover intelligent home, intelligent hotel room control and intelligent lighting control system, realizing the diversification of intelligent products and providing customers with all-round solutions, technical support and after-sales service.

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