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[Case] Beijing-Zunyue·Guanghua Pavilion project landing



In the era of rapid Internet development, the lives of traditional residential areas are in urgent need of change. They need “intelligence” of “implantation” to bring more convenience to families and bring efficient management to the property.

Coincidentally, in the Imperial Capital Beijing, a high-end real estate has just completed the transformation of the transformation. Beijing-Zunyue·Guanghua Pavilion is integrated into the schideron smart home system. The traditional house has been upgraded to a safe, comfortable, convenient and efficient smart high-end real estate.

On the Guanghua Road in the core area of the CBD – “Zunyue·Guanghua” not only brings a new livable mansion to the Beijing CBD, but also brings the best annotations to the dream of the wealthy people to settle in the CBD.

From the location point of view, Zunyue·Guanghua’s east side is looking forward to China’s first tallest building in China, and the 528-meter-high Chinese esteem is dedicated to the “Chinese ceremonies” with the illustrious identity of “the esteem of the times”, proclaiming that the CBD has entered a new era of development; The west is adjacent to the first embassy district, and the international cultural atmosphere is strong; the south is connected to the third phase of the international trade, one step away from the bustling; the north is adjacent to the CBD historical and cultural park, and enjoys tranquility in the bustling.

A mansion,

To become a handed down collection, it is naturally inseparable from its own super bright spots.

The smart home visual intercom system exclusively designed by Schideron for the Respectable Guanghua Pavilion highlights the solemn, atmospheric and calm temperament. The project uses the schideron visual intercom system, which is designed by Hong Kong design masters with an 8-inch indoor video intercom interface and high-end craft structure design, combined with the interior space design layout, through the artistic expression space and user relationship. People and space, equipment creates an extremely comfortable and intelligent experience.

In addition to the indoor walkie-talkie, the small door machine with it is also full of highlights. The project uses the schideron outdoor door machine 006-HD series, which has the advantages of fast operation speed, high quality of intercom audio and video, low power consumption of the whole chip and high running stability. The 006-HD features a high-definition digital camera with clear camera quality. It has a new type of noise suppression technology that can achieve high-reduced sound quality in different environments.

The appearance is more high-quality craft design, high-end fashion, and custom-designed according to the needs of the owners is a stylish black border style.

The function only needs to call the indoor extension with one button, and the simple and clear operation instruction makes the user easy to use.

The panel is the most classic Mars series panel from Schideron.

Because the interior color matching of Zunyue·Guanghua Pavilion is mainly dark and gray, with neutral colors such as camel and Cuban sand, schideron has been customized to match the wall background. The volcanic gray, harmonious and warm color combination gives the room a stable atmosphere, but also makes the furniture more prominent, feel the low-key luxury.

The core control system of all of this is attributed to the hidden intelligent module electrical box.

Schideron's iconic red label module, neat and simple wiring connections, the most powerful central control unit, and each independently controlled intelligent module... all run for the ultimate smart experience of this modern mansion.

Of course, the most fascinating thing is that standing in front of every window of Zunyue·Guanghua Pavilion, you can enjoy the bustling prosperity of the CBD. During the day when the sun rises, one button turns on the morning mode, the lights gradually light up, the curtains slowly open, the first morning light is scattered on the face, you can see that Chang'an Street is far away, the entire CBD has been awake, The blue sky and white clouds paint a beautiful picture on the glass curtain wall; at the beginning of the night, the stars of the moon and the neon lights of the city sympathize with each other, becoming the beautiful scenery in front of your window, feeling the pulse of the city.

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