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All things are interconnected, enabling and promoting SCHIDREON Release of xendue Internet of things system



In the history of human development, every revolutionary breakthrough in communication technology will bring us closer to a completely digital society.

When cash becomes WeChat and Alipay; When shopping mall becomes Taobao; When calling a taxi becomes calling didi; When "hello" becomes "what is your WiFi password?" In reality, each of us unconsciously becomes a node connecting all things.

Digitization has become an important driving force for the development of modern society; Connection has become the main theme of the future society; The Internet of things makes everything simple and powerful.

-Quoted from Internet of things China · of week

Schideron xendue Internet of things framework

Schideron He is the leader of Internet of things technology, advocating a truly open environment and controlling the power of Internet of things. Xendue framework fundamentally changes the way of connecting control devices and systems. Xendue framework enables perfect interconnection between devices, platforms and devices.

As an operating platform of Internet of things (IOT), the key is to solve the problems of data interconnection and operability. It is a multi vendor, multi protocol and application-oriented architecture. This solves all integration oriented problems related to subsystems, building environment, construction cooperation, organization and management, and staffing, such as interfaces, protocols, system platforms, and application software between various equipment and subsystems.

XEndue framework can be used for centralized control of sound, light, electricity and other devices. It is applied to all kinds of business applications that need to be integrated or integrated, such as multi-functional conference hall, command and control center, commercial project, medical system, education system, intelligent home, etc. users can use button control panel, computer display, voice control interaction, touch screen, mobile phone and other devices, Through the computer and central control system software custom control all docking equipment.

XEndue framework is composed of four parts: edge central control host, marswindow programmable platform, IOT Wanlian middleware platform, and mobile apps.

XEndue frame

The edge central control host is a multi interface ecosystem with standard and general third-party interfaces (such as RS485, RS232, IR, IO, USB, MODBUS, LAN, etc.).

The central control system can realize logical association and operation, information transmission and synchronization, and realize centralized management and control.

Schideron's marswindow programmable platform easily imports the control protocol of the third-party equipment into the standard shared database. The convenient programmable platform greatly reduces the difficulty of docking and on-site debugging, so that more users can customize the programming, realize more personalized functions, and save debugging time and labor cost to the greatest extent. The system adopts industrial standard design, It can meet the requirements of high reliability and stability.

XEndue System diagram

Edge central control host

Edge central control host is a central control system which can be applied to modern intelligent buildings, DIN rail installation. The whole system can customize and integrate management and control of different brands and models of products, so that the operation is more humanized, more environmental protection and more efficient.

The application of edge central control host enables all devices of the whole system to access internet communication, and manages them uniformly on their own or third-party platform based on the Internet. The system control is carried out through remote docking of ucontrol mobile app of mobile terminal (equipment supporting Android and IOS operating system). Edge central control host can also be programmed through S-Net

The system can upload the data of various docking systems to the corresponding intelligent centralized control management system for device status management and data statistical analysis.

The transmission and equipment control of the whole data meet the latest industrial standards. Scene management and scene timing settings of the system can be remotely operated through IOT DMS and ucontrol mobile app, which is simple and convenient, and meets the needs of the current Internet of things system.

The core of edge central control host is "integration"



Schideron Wan Lian middleware platform (IOT DMS)

The IOT DMS is an independent system level software that connects the operating system layer and the application layer, standardizes the application interfaces provided by different operating systems, unifies the protocols, shields the details of specific operations.

Middleware platform provides platform running environment for the application software it supports. The environment shields the interface differences between the underlying communication, realizes interoperability, and makes perfect interconnection between devices, platforms and devices. It can provide and flexibly realize data interoperability from different manufacturers and cloud standardized interface. It also supports localized device management platform.

The IOT DMS technology will focus on eliminating information islands, promoting borderless information flow, supporting complex application systems in the open, dynamic and changeable environment of the Internet of things, and realizing the simple, standard, fast, flexible and efficient management of various independent information resources (computing resources, data resources, service resources and software resources) distributed on the Internet of things The integration, coordination and comprehensive utilization of credible, efficient and low cost can improve the business agility of the Internet of things infrastructure in an organized way, reduce the overall operation and maintenance cost, and promote the integration between the Internet of things and services.

Marswindow Programming platform super simple programming and integration

Marswindow=Operation platform of Internet of things

The biggest pain point of the Internet of things is that each IOT device has its own private protocol, which is the private core of confidentiality and non-standard. There are more than 100000 IOT devices developed by different companies in the world. In the traditional way, R & D level personnel are required to write program code for the docking and integration of different products. Behind the integration cost of each product is the cost of manpower, so we have been thinking about... How to easily interconnect IOT devices? Shi Delang is working on an IOT OS system that subverts the cognition of the IOT world: people can easily connect and adapt different products on Shi Delang's marswindow. After five days of training, no matter you understand the program or not, you can integrate any product with the graphical interface on marswindow, Greatly reduce the difficulty of various products docking, make the IOT become simple and easy!

Marswindow is a convenient and fast intelligent building project management software for users. It can create and configure the project, control the management of equipment, fault detection and elimination, module identification and programmable function customization, and configure the app interface, so that the controlled equipment can communicate with the service terminal, and various types of project management can be convenient and efficient.

"Device library editing" is the core content of marswindow

By using the device library editor and editing the desired third-party library files according to the protocols of various brands and models of devices, the control of central control and different brands and models of devices can be realized, and the requirements of intelligent control can be realized. The third-party library file makers mainly refer to the programmers of the senior engineers who have been certified by Schroeder Lang technology in various equipment manufacturers. They need to generate the third-party library that can be recognized by the central control "xendue Internet of things" according to the graphical interface of protocol document rules, involving the files in the vendor directory.


Uccontrol is an app running on mobile touch devices, which aims to provide customers with a more comfortable and convenient user experience. Realize the local and remote control of users to access the intelligent system equipment, make your life intelligent and convenient. By installing uccontrol on the mobile terminal, app can make any mobile device as the control terminal.


-Homekit - function docking with apple homekit;

-Network switching - WiFi and mobile network automatic switching, from indoor to outdoor, no need for users to re-enter account and password, intelligent and convenient;

-Encryption - secure encryption - SSL encryption with bank level;

-Free forever - schrander's lifelong maintenance of the cloud server is free forever;

New catalog《XEndue》Officially released

It's a long call-

This is an exclusive solution of xendue Internet of things system based on the theme of "Internet of things". There are 74 pages in the book, which respectively explain the introduction of the company, xendue framework, the relationship between xendue framework and users, eight application fields, and classic cases. The xendue framework includes five parts: edge central control host, marswindow programmable platform, IOT middleware platform (IOT DMS), app and cloud.

There is no end to a letter of love-

“One book is not enough. " In the environment of the intelligent era, 5g has begun in the future. While keeping up with the pace of the times, Schroeder Lang will also achieve stricter compliance, safer protection measures, more popular intelligent consumer devices, more attention to artificial intelligence, and more professional knowledge and talents... When everyone and every device are connected to a large network, people and people will be able to communicate with each other People and equipment, equipment and equipment will have more contact, and this also means that there will be endless new opportunities and possibilities, and we will make unlimited efforts for this new opportunity!

There will be times when the wind blows through the waves-

The core of XEndue architecture in the Internet of things system is "integration" and "standardization", which makes the original complex system integration simple and easy, and provides great convenience for our partners. This is the power of scientific and technological progress, and also the glory of our colleagues. It is a high-tech national product solidly built!

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