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【Good news】Intellectual Property Certification!



On May 30, 2018, ShiDeLang (guangzhou) electric co., LTD., through the knowledge of science and technology (Beijing) certification co., LTD., the intellectual property management system certification, GB/T29490-2013 intellectual property management system certification (certificate number: 165 ip182079ros).

The scope of this certification includes intelligent building system, intelligent home system, intelligent hotel system and lighting control system products, covering the company's core products and technologies.Intellectual property management is integrated into the whole value process of research and development, sales and procurement, and standardized management is realized.

The successful certification of the "intellectual property management system" is a manifestation of the comprehensive qualification strength and the strong strength of the intellectual property management system.Shi delong will continue to strictly implement the national standards of the enterprise intellectual property management standards, and provide customers with better quality and professional services!

Editor:Marketing Department

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