SCHIDERON Account Usage Agreement

I. Introduction

Welcome to register and use the SCHIDERON account!

This Agreement was entered into by you and Sterling (Guangzhou) Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shi Delang") regarding the registration and use of the Shi Delang account. Before registering and using the Sterling account, you confirm that you have carefully read and fully understood the terms of this agreement, in particular the terms of limitation or exemption. Restrictions, disclaimers may prompt you to pay attention in bold form. You are not authorized to register and use the Sterling account unless you have read and accepted all the terms of this Agreement. Your registration and use of the Sterling account is deemed to have been read and agreed to be bound by this Agreement.

Second, about the Shi Delang account

1. The Sterling account is an identifier used by the official website of Sterling to identify the user. The ownership of the account belongs to Schrader, and you as the initial application registrant only have the right to use the account you registered.

2. You can enjoy some of the files provided by the Sterling platform through the Schraden account, and the function permissions for some file downloads.

Third, user behavior

1. You guarantee to Sdelang that you are 18 years of age or older when you register for a Schrader account, or you are 16 years of age or older, but you are 16 years of age and able to use your labor income as your main source of income. If you do not meet the above conditions, you should read the terms and conditions of this agreement and register and use the Schrader account with your guardian.

2. You guarantee that all materials submitted at the time of registration (including but not limited to identity information, mobile phone number, contact address, email address, etc.) are true, accurate, legal, valid and are your own. If you register your data after registering your Schrader account, you should update the information in a timely manner.

3. The Shi Delang account is a voucher for you to enjoy the services of the Sterland platform. You should take good care of your account number and password, and change your password regularly. If your account password is lost or you find someone else using your account without permission, You should notify Sderrand as soon as possible and retrieve your account number and password with the assistance of Schrader to avoid further losses.

4. You may use the Sterling account within the scope of this Agreement. You may not use the Schrader account to:

(1) malicious registration of the Schrader account;

(2) donating, borrowing, renting, transferring or selling a Schrader account or otherwise permitting a non-initial application registrant to use the Sterling account;

(3) Use the Sterling account to publish, transmit, disseminate, and store content that endangers national security, national unity, and social stability, or insults, pornography, violence, causing uneasiness of others, and any content or setting that violates national laws, regulations, and policies. The name of the above content, the name of the role, the release, transmission, dissemination of advertising information, marketing information and spam;

(4) Using the Sedron account to infringe on the legal rights of others' intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, reputation rights, etc.;

(5) maliciously fictional facts, concealing the truth to mislead and deceive others;

(6) Conduct any behavior that endangers the security of the computer network, including but not limited to: use of unlicensed data or access to an unlicensed server/account; access to the public computer network or other computer system without permission, deletion, modification, addition Store information; attempt to detect, scan, test the weaknesses of the "software" system or network or other actions that undermine the security of the network without permission; attempt to interfere with or disrupt the normal operation of the "software" system or website, and intentionally spread malicious programs. Or viruses and other acts that disrupt normal network information services; forging TCP/IP packet names or partial names;

(7) Perform any damage to Sdelang's service fairness or other behaviors that affect the normal order of application, such as active or passive brushing, partnership cheating, use of plug-ins or other cheats, use of BUG (also known as "vulnerabilities" or " Defects) to obtain improper illegal interests, or use the Internet or other means to make plug-ins, cheats, and bugs public;

(8) Conduct any commercial activity such as advertising, selling goods, or any illegal violation of the interests of Scherrer;

(9) Engage in other laws, regulations, policies, public order and good practices, social ethics, and violations of the legitimate rights and interests of other individuals, companies, social organizations, and organizations;

Fourth, privacy policy

Sdelang respects and is committed to protecting your privacy, but when registering or using a Schrader account, you will need to submit personally identifiable information (including but not limited to your name, address, occupation, email address, phone number) Etc.) in order for Sderrand to verify that you are eligible to use certain information, materials or services provided by the Sternland Platform, and to better provide you with customer service and technical support. Sterling reserves the right to access, use, store and share your personal information in an express manner, subject to the laws and regulations. You hereby agree that Sedron will push relevant content and advertisements to you based on the personal information you provide. In the process, Sdeland guarantees that advertisers will never directly access your personal information. Sderrand will not disclose, edit or disclose your personal information and your preservation in Sterling without your authorization. Non-public content, unless:

(1) Relevant laws, regulations, policies, and requirements of state organs for disclosure;

(2) in the case of an emergency, to protect the rights of you and the public;

(3) To safeguard the trademark rights, patent rights and any other legal rights of Sterling;

(4) Other circumstances in which personal information needs to be disclosed, edited or disclosed.

V. Intellectual property rights

1. Shi Delang has the right to intellectual property or other legally protected materials contained in the software used by its website services and the Shi Delang account; in addition to the content that is copyrighted by you in accordance with the law, Shi Delang The intellectual property of the overall content of the account is owned by Sterling.

2. All design drawings and other designs, products and service names involved in the Sterling account are owned or obtained legally authorized by Sterling. You may not use, copy or otherwise use it without the written consent of Schrader.

3. The intellectual property rights of the original information such as uploaded text, pictures, videos, software and performances that you use to upload your texts, pictures, videos, software and performances when you use the Sterling service are yours, but you confirm your posting and uploading of such information. It is deemed to be a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable right to use, copy, etc. all of the intellectual property rights in relation to such information, and you agree that Schrader may delegate the foregoing rights.

4. For information or content that you post or upload using the Sterling account when you use the Sterling service, you should ensure that you are a copyright owner or have obtained legal authorization, and that such information or content will not infringe any third party. Legal rights. If a third party raises an objection to the intellectual property rights in respect of such information or content, Sedrang reserves the right to delete the relevant information or content according to the actual situation, and reserves the right to pursue your legal liability. In the event that damage is caused to Shi Delang or any third party, you shall be responsible for full compensation.

6. Disclaimer

1. Shi Delang does not guarantee the truth, accuracy and completeness of any information, content or advertising of any other person (hereinafter referred to as "information") obtained by you from your Shidelang account. If any unit or individual conducts any of the above “information”, you must identify the truth and caution to prevent the risk. In the event that you accept a Sterling account service, you may be exposed to unpleasant, inappropriate or objectionable content. Under no circumstances will Sdelang be liable for any such content. For whatever reason, Sterling shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss or liability for any transaction or conduct that is not directly related to Sterling.

2. In view of the particularity of Internet services, you understand and agree that Schrader is not liable for any loss (including but not limited to property, income, data, etc. or other intangible losses) suffered by you in the following circumstances:

(1) Due to force majeure factors such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, blackouts, wars, terrorist attacks, etc., the obstacles in the system of the Sedlang platform are not functioning properly;

(2) The interruption or delay of the Schrader platform service caused by computer viruses, Trojans, other malicious programs, hacker attacks, technical adjustments or failures of the telecommunications department and network operation companies, system maintenance, etc.;

(3) The interruption, termination or delay of the service of the Schrader platform due to changes in laws and regulations, orders and rulings of the judicial authorities and administrative agencies;

(4) You use the Sterling account in violation of the rules or your losses due to improper operation.

7. Liability for breach of contract

1. If Shi Delang discovers or receives reports from others or complains that you violate this agreement, Shi Delang reserves the right to delete or block the relevant content at any time without notice, and to include, but not for your account, the behavior. It is limited to warnings, restrictions or prohibitions on the use of some or all of the functions, account bans until cancellation, and has the right to publicize the results, so that you will be responsible for the losses.

2. If your actions result in losses to Shi Delang (including but not limited to direct losses, loss of reputation, fines of third parties, claims, etc.), Shi Delang reserves the right to recover the full amount from you.

3. If you have a dispute with a third party in violation of the agreement of this agreement, all consequences shall be borne by you, and you will not be involved in the dispute with Shi Delang. Shi Delang is not obliged to assist you in handling such disputes.

Eight, service termination

1. In order to make full use of the Shidelang account resources, if you do not log in for the first time after registering the Shidelang account, or if you have not used the Shidelang account for six consecutive months, or if there is any violation of the content of this agreement, etc. Sedrang reserves the right to terminate the use of this account and stop providing services to you.

2. You understand and agree that Schrader will terminate the Schrader Account Service (or any part thereof) temporarily or permanently at any time in accordance with its own business policies. You shall promptly pay attention to the Sterling website or the Schrader Platform Notice, and promptly back up Information, information, etc. under your account. Since you have not dealt with the content of your Schrader account in a timely manner in accordance with the measures announced by Sterling, Schneider does not bear any responsibility.

IX. Dispute resolution

Any dispute between you and Sterling arising out of this Agreement shall be settled in a friendly manner. The negotiation shall be fruitless within 90 days from the date of the dispute, and either party shall have the right to submit the dispute to the residence of Sterland. The people's court litigation.

Ten, agreement update

1. After the terms of this Agreement and/or related agreements have been changed, if you continue to use the Sterling account, you are deemed to have accepted the revised agreement. If you do not accept the revised agreement, you should stop using the Schrader account.

(End of text)

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